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Stepper driver release signal is generally used under what circumstances

时间:2017-10-17 12:57

   Stepper motor drivers generally receive three signals from the host controller: pulses, direction, and enable signal enable signals are also called release signals (offline signals), and most stepper motor users do not use enable signals. Under what circumstances do you need to use the enable signal? How to use the enable signal? When the offline signal (MF or EN mark) is low, the current output from the driver to the motor is cut off and the stepper motor rotor is in the free state (offline). In some automation equipment, if it is required to directly rotate the stepper motor shaft (manual mode) when the drive is not powered, the MF signal can be set low, the stepper motor can be taken offline, and the manual operation or adjustment can be performed. After the manual operation is completed, set the MF signal high again to continue receiving the automatic control of the upper computer.