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Why stepper motor does not follow power selection

时间:2017-10-17 12:42

   The stepping motor generally selects the motor according to the required torque and working speed of the stepping motor. What is the relationship with the power? That's right, power = torque * speed. In other words, we can't just look at the product of the torque and speed, and we need to see how the torque and speed are distributed between them.

   For example, the load characteristic is a working speed of 300 rpm and a torque of 2 NM. If a working speed of 1200 rpm is selected, a stepping motor with a torque output of 0.5 nm is likely to fail to meet the requirements even though they have the same power. The former should consider the use of 60mm series stepper motors, and the latter as long as the 56mm series stepper motor can meet the requirements. This is because the frequency response of the stepper motor is not a linear relationship between speed and torque. Stepper motors with different stepper motor parameters are suitable for different speeds. High-current and low-inductance stepper motors are suitable for high-speed operation, while low-current high-inductance stepper motors are suitable for low-speed operation.

  Another important reason is that after the driving conditions of the same stepper motor are changed, the frequency-distance characteristics will change greatly. For example, if the driving voltage is increased from 24V to 48V, the output power of the stepping motor at low speed does not change much. However, the output power increases at high speeds.

  Why can the stepper motor's frequency map be used as a reference only? Because the driver is different, the number of subdivisions and the excitation method will affect the output torque of the stepper motor. At the same time, the starting torque curve is also greatly related to the size of the load inertia moment. Figure test conditions. In addition, the stepper motor within the specification value range also has a certain degree of fluctuation, such as the general resistance value ± 10% tolerance, inductance ± 20% tolerance, the results of the model test and the actual use of the motor even if the same manufacturer production The same model also has some differences, so choose enough time for the stepper motor.