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Why stepping motor must be equipped with stepping drive to w

时间:2010-01-30 12:27

       Stepper motor as a motor control precision displacement and large speed range special, it is the rotation of the stepping angle of the inherent angle (determined by the mechanical structure of the rotor and stator) operation step by step, which is characterized by rotating one step, step angle remains unchanged, can keep the precision position. So no matter how many times the rotation, there is no accumulation of error. As the control method is simple and low cost, it is widely used in various open-loop control.


      Stepper motor operation requires a pulse distribution of power electronic device for driving, which is the stepper motor driver. It receives the pulse signal from the control system, and according to the structure characteristic of the stepping motor, the pulse is distributed in order to realize the control of angular displacement, rotation speed, rotation direction, braking load state and free state. Each pulse signal of the control system can drive the stepper motor to rotate a step angle. The speed of the stepper motor is proportional to the frequency of the pulse signal. The angular displacement is related to the number of pulses. Stepper motor stops rotating, can produce two kinds of state: brake loading can produce maximum torque or keep part (usually called the brakes to maintain, without electromagnetic brake or mechanical braking) and the rotor in a free state (which can be easily driven by external thrust rotation).


       Stepper motor drivers must match the type of stepper motor. Otherwise, the stepper motor and drive will be damaged.