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The heating problem of stepping motor and its solution

时间:2009-09-30 21:44

  The motors all heat up in varying degrees, on a variety of machines, are composed of iron core and winding, winding resistance, electricity will generate losses, the magnitude of the losses is directly proportional to the square of the resistance and the current, this is what we often called copper loss, assuming that the current is not standard DC or sine wave that will produce harmonic loss; core hysteresis effect of eddy current in the alternating magnetic field will also have a loss, its size and material, current, voltage, frequency, this is called iron loss. Copper loss and iron loss will be shown in a heating manner, thus affecting the efficiency of the motor.

  The common pursuit of the stepper motor positioning accuracy and torque output, the efficiency is relatively low, the current is relatively large, and the harmonic components of high frequency alternating current also increases with the speed change, thereby stepping motor universal presence of fever, and the situation is serious than the ordinary AC motor.

  Stepper motor heating, of course, does not affect the life of stepper motors, for most customers, there is no need to pay attention to. But serious fever can have some negative effects. If the thermal shrinkage coefficient of each part of the stepper motor is different, the change of the structural stress and the small change of the internal air gap will affect the dynamic response of the stepper motor, and the high speed will easily step out of step. For example, some places do not allow excessive fever of stepping motors, such as medical instruments and high-precision testing equipment. Therefore, the heating of the stepper motor should be discontinued, the necessary control, our stepper motor used in steel robot, the ambient temperature of more than 100 degrees, so far work properly.

  In order to reduce the heating of stepping motors, the following measures can be taken: if the stepper motor drive has an automatic half flow mode, try to make it work in a half flow state, because at this point, the whole flow of the stepper motor works with maximum heating. When the load torque range allowed, the stepper motor rated current down, such as the 5A stepper motor, let it work in the 4A state, low resistance, low current, reduce the copper loss and iron loss, blower and forced cooling.