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The error between the actual value and the theoretical value

时间:2009-05-27 20:10

       The stepper motor has a technical parameters: no-load starting frequency is the stepper motor to the normal start of the pulse frequency in the no-load condition, if the pulse frequency is higher than the value of the stepper motor does not start, you may lose steps or stall occurs. In the case of load, the starting frequency should be lower.

  If you want to make the stepper motor driver to rotate at high speed and pulse frequency should be to accelerate the process that is the lower frequency to start, then rose to a certain acceleration of the desired frequency (step motor speed from low rise to high speed).

  The error between the actual value of each step and the theoretical value of the stepper motor. Expressed as a percentage: error / step angle *100%. Take the number of different values in different operation, four operation should be within 5%, eight shot operation should be less than 15%.

  A magnetic field changes periodically required pulse number or a conductive state represented by N, or a motor turned a tooth angle required pulse number to four phase stepper motor as an example, there are four phase four operation mode is AB-BC-CD-DA-AB, four phase eight step operation mode A-AB-B-BC-C-CD-D-DA-A.

  Stepper motor in the rated static electricity, the motor does not rotate, the stepper motor shaft locking moment. This torque is a measure of the size of the stepper motor, and the drive voltage and drive power and so on. Although the static torque and electromagnetic excitation is proportional to the number of ampere turns, associated with the gap between the rotor teeth, but excessive by reducing the gap, increase the excitation to improve the static torque of ampere turns is not desirable, it will cause fever and mechanical noise of the motor.

  Stepper motor once selected, step motor to determine the static torque and dynamic torque, but otherwise, the average current dynamic torque on the stepper motor in the motor run time (rather than static current), the average current is larger, the stepper motor output torque is large, that is not greasy motor frequency characteristics more hard. If the average current is large, the driving voltage can be increased as much as possible, and the small inductance and high current step motor will be adopted.