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The correlation between the nineteen and industrial control

Time:2017-11-05 10:20

   With vigour and vitality of nineteen, at the end of the. A manufacturing circle is closely related, "speeding up the development of advanced manufacturing industry, foster a number of world-class advanced manufacturing industry cluster", "quality first, efficiency first", these words in the process of development in nineteen can be heard without end.


   Although the tone is red tone, but the Ministry of industry minister Miao Wei in the process of the development of China's information industry and put forward a series of important instructions, summed up in about 9, this for all of us, may be able to understand a relatively profound:


   The important position of industry and information technology in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation should speed up the construction of manufacturing power and network power.


   Two. Fully understanding the achievements of new industrialization with Chinese characteristics, and strengthening the confidence of catching up and catching up with ourselves.


   Three, to do a good job of informatization and industrialization deep integration of this article, the development of intelligent manufacturing.


   Four. To promote the strategic transformation of manufacturing industry from quantity expansion to quality improvement, and take it as the main direction of promoting supply side structural reform.


   Five, the manufacturing industry to go up, innovation driven development is the core.

   Six. Support the green transformation of manufacturing industry, and guide the real economy to develop in a more green and clean way.


   Seven. To implement the strategy of civil military integration development, and explore a new path of civil military integration development.


   Eight. To be a powerful nation, we must make the equipment manufacturing industry go up.


   Nine, open and inclusive, in a global perspective to plan and promote the transformation and development of manufacturing industry.


   In fact, it is not difficult to see that the key point lies in: informatization, digitization, innovation and green environmental protection.


   About Informatization & Digitalization


   In particular, the nineteen large and medium-sized enterprises have pointed out that the digital force has caused unprecedented subversion impact on all walks of life, and fundamentally changed the enterprise economic model. In order to be able to be invincible in a subversive environment, enterprises need to create a more attractive new experience, form new focus, cultivate new professional skills, and conceive new ways of work.


   But don't just reshape the digital data, the more important is the need to use data to reshape the manufacturing industry. This includes the integration of a variety of digital technologies (including cloud computing, cognitive computing, mobile and Internet of things) to rethink the client and partner relationship and the way they operate. It involves creating or arranging attractive unique experiences for customers and other stakeholders through the emerging business ecosystem.


   Digitization radically redefines the way enterprises operate, and how enterprises interact with their stakeholders. For industrial product enterprises, digitization may include digitization of specific processes (such as inventory optimization or factory modernization), but digital transformation will eventually involve the integration of multiple digital processes. For example, with the development of supply chain and distribution networks fully fit for the online market.


   Digitization relies on a range of digital applications and technical support, such as building a deep level of cooperation through a fully integrated ecosystem, where customers and partners can participate at random. In this case, digital remodeling is not fragmented, not focusing on specific aspects of the. It requires industrial products to rethink the way they operate, and how they interact with partners, customers, and the overall environment.


   Many native digital start-ups already have a foothold in the traditional market, which brings new competitive pressures to traditional industry leaders. So, with the digital concept of enterprises are often in a dominant position in digital remodeling. This is why the big nineteen has been advocating the informationization and digitization of reason.


   About innovation and development


   Review the nineteen report, more than 10 times that of science and technology, more than 50 times that of innovation. By 2035, China's goal of being the forefront of an innovative country will encourage the whole society to actively implement the strategy of innovation driven development and polish the shiny business cards created by China and china.


   Innovation is the first power to lead the development of the special mention, to strengthen basic research, development and implementation of major national science and technology projects, highlighting the key common technology, cutting-edge technology, modern engineering technology leading "subversive" technological innovation. At the same time, the Department should increase the intensity of scientific and technological innovation, from the tactical point of view can be called "four focus", namely: focus on products, focus on technology, focus on resources, focusing on the market.

   In the disruptive innovation, should explore the quality first, pay attention to the new retail model to improve business efficiency with the core technology innovation, pay attention to the design and use of online and offline development ideas, improve the quality of products supply. In addition, through the use of big data and artificial intelligence technology, the supply side of consumers to establish a tight connection, to achieve interoperability, real-time interaction, stimulate consumption vitality.


   In the process of innovation and development, the importance of the real economy is highlighted, including speeding up the construction of manufacturing power, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, to promote the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the depth of integration of economic entity. In the past, the real economy is always in the network and innovation in the process of being ignored, the main reason to mention is that real economy includes not only large enterprises and large factories, aorta, including capillary like thousands on thousands of hawkers and thousands on thousands of consumers. It has a wider range and a deeper cover, so the factory must pay attention to it.


   About green environmental protection


   Especially pointed out that the nineteen report, to be in the high-end consumption, green and low-carbon economy, modern supply chain, sharing and other areas to cultivate new growth points, the formation of new energy, and in order to promote the implementation of the new road to industrialization. In this, green low carbon is placed in a very important position. In the meeting, the most typical example of energy saving and environmental protection topic is: new energy vehicles.


   China auto industry has eight consecutive years to become the world's largest auto market, comprehensive strength, the automotive industry and its industrial structure transformation, have made great progress in many aspects, parts of the industrial supporting capacity at the same time, China for two consecutive years to become the world's largest market for new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles is also at the international level advanced level.


   Under the continuous drive of the national macro-control, the reducer industry in China has gradually developed into the main battlefield of the international reducer industry. World famous enterprises have entered the reducer Market in China, and with the excellent brand, strong capital, advanced technology and equipment and other advantages, and the domestic reducer enterprises launched a fierce competition. Mainly engaged in general reducer production of domestic enterprises, less involved in industrial reducer special field, industrial technology is not mature, therefore, in the competition with foreign advanced enterprises, leading to enterprises in China occupy the reducer of market competition, but also need to experience a long time market.


   The development of new energy industry in order to better deal with the next step, on the one hand to cooperate with the domestic new energy enterprises in depth, on the other hand, and engaged in the international new energy industry, not only is the vehicle enterprises, more important is around the "three", with the new energy related these international enterprises extensive cooperation. At the same time, technological innovation is the core enterprise of the most basic things, to strengthen the innovation of science and technology, from the tactical point of view can be called "four focus", namely: focus on products, technology, resources, focus focus focus on the market.