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China's machine tool output ranks first in the world

Time:2012-05-21 15:49

   After the founding of the country, the machine tool industry has always been one of the key development industries. Before the "Cultural Revolution", through the introduction of Soviet technology, a complete machine tool industry system has been basically built. In particular, heavy-duty, precision machine tools have been able to basically meet the needs of domestic construction, and have contributed to the defense industry. In the past 30 years of reform and opening up, machine tool technology, numerical control, and output value have also made considerable progress. In 2008, China’s machine tool output ranks third in the world, with a numerical control rate of 20%. However, looking at the world, the gap between our advanced technologies and the world remains large. China's machine tool industry has the world's largest output, and its output value has reached the third place. It is actually large but not strong, and it only ranks second in the world in technology. In 2008, China's machine tool imports reached 7.58 billion U.S. dollars, ranking first in the world, while exports were only 2.1 billion U.S. dollars, and domestic machine tools accounted for only 61% of the domestic market. At the same time, the number of imported products is not large, but the added value of technology is extremely high and the price is expensive. Exports have a large number of products and low value, mostly labor-intensive or material-based (such as drill bits, abrasives, etc.). The reason is that people are inferior to others.


   The quality of China's machine tools is generally listed after Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, the United States, Britain and Spain. In the late 1960s, under the impetus of precision machine tool projects, the production of coordinate boring machines and gear grinders in China still has a certain technical content. In the 1980s, some machine tool factories used German and Japanese companies to manufacture quality machine tools that were more stringent, and they did a good job. They also exported a considerable quantity. On the basis of that time, China's gear grinding products are now at an internationally high level.


   The number of breeds looks like Jude and Japan. In recent years, there have been considerable advances, such as the development of high-end numerical control products such as multi-coordinated linkage and CNC compound machine tools. However, it is still difficult to meet the needs of the military and automobile industries.


   To develop the machine tool industry, we must increase our competitiveness, strive to improve quality, vigorously develop varieties, and upgrade our technological level to replace imports and expand exports. When the economic situation of the machine tool industry was not so good many years ago, some companies had proposed the concept of “survive by quality, develop by variety” and we used this as the long-term development guideline of the industry.