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Nidec will acquire Italian motor giant ASI

Time:2012-05-18 08:37

   Japan Electric Corporation announced on the 12th that it will acquire the Italian industrial motor giant Ansaldo Industrial Systems (ASI). Nidec will acquire all the shares of ASI from the subsidiary of the U.S. investment fund, and the purchase amount has not been announced.


   ASI has advantages in large motors in the field of wind power and hydropower. Nidec will strengthen the motor business for natural energy generation through this acquisition. At the same time, ASI's sales network has been used to expand motor sales in Europe.


   In the mid-term business objective, Nippon Denso has designated industrial motors as a key business and pointed out that it will actively start corporate mergers and acquisitions. The company plans to complete the acquisition of ASI shares by the end of May. ASI’s 2011 sales revenue was approximately 300 million euros.