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Smart Servo Leads a New Era of Technology

Time:2011-12-07 13:43

   The servo system of the new era has created a new era of servo drive and control integration. It concentrates servo drive, logic control, motion control, process control, and bus communication functions in an ultra-high-performance CPU, greatly simplifying the periphery. The circuit eliminates the problems of transmission delay and interference between signal transmission and data communication between the controller and the driver, realizes the perfect integration of the control algorithm and the driving algorithm, and subversively changes the traditional servo usage scheme, and controls the accuracy and control. Speed, reliability, flexibility, and space occupancy have reached a new historical height.


   Integration of PLC functions, positioning functions, electronic gears, electronic cams and other professional motion control functions, through a port of the servo system can be set and debug the parameters of up to 11 axes, while the servo system can backup and save all system parameters, maintenance and replacement of the driver without setting Any parameter greatly facilitates the use and maintenance of the user.

Drive control integrated servo has the following characteristics:

 1、High performance:

   ◆ Speed and frequency response up to 1200 HZ   ◆ Maximum overload multiple up to 3 times   ◆ Analog resolution up to 16BIT


 2、Strong function:

   ◆The built-in mechanical position feedback interface CN6 can directly transmit the current position signal back to the driver to form a full closed-loop position confirmation and achieve accurate positioning.

   ◆Customized parameters factory settings to achieve the servo system "plug and play" & rdquo;.

   ◆Inertia automatic identification, after identification most of the parameter settings can achieve the optimal state, greatly reducing the system adjustment time.

   ◆Enhanced vibration suppression, improved system followability, shortened settling time, reduced vibration throughout the process.

   ◆Upper computer position command free string resistance, more convenient on-site application

 With the release of this technology, PLCs or motion controllers can be eliminated and the use cost and space occupancy can be optimized.