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Industrial Fair staged "Robot Story"

Time:2011-11-01 13:26

   In the annual industrial expo, robots are indispensable "protagonist", this year's industrial robot exhibition area is not to be missed. Including ABB, Fanuc, Stäubli, KUKA Germany, Yaskawa Electric Japan and other 11 top international robot companies to the scene, so that the public can get close contact with the most advanced robots.


   Technical Expert: Diligent Palletizing Robot


   In docks and warehouses, stacking cargo is a heavy task. Can you let the robot do this work? The answer is yes. At this year's Industry Fair, you can see the robot's hard-working figure.


   In ABB's booth, a silver robot is particularly eye-catching. This is the palletizing robot. Next to it, there is a standard stack of goods. The palletizing robot grabs a box lightly and quickly sets it aside. The movement is very fast. The staff on the side told reporters that this is the new palletizing robot that the company launched in April this year. "" It should be the world's fastest palletizing robot. He said that according to their speed in the laboratory, more than 2,900 stacking operations can be done within an hour.


   At the booth of KUKA Roboter, a series of high-speed palletizing robots were also demonstrated. It is understood that these robots range from 40 kg to hundreds of kilograms. Some of these robots also use new carbon fiber reinforced materials, which not only greatly reduce the weight of the robot itself, but also enable faster and higher acceleration and deceleration, thereby improving work efficiency.


   Artist: Robot with Engraving Stunts


   Do not think that the robot will only work hard and lively. Like the meticulous work of carving, the robot is not only doing exactly the same, but its work is also amazing. While walking past Stäubli’s exhibition area, the reporter saw what a robot is carving into something. A closer look, but see the robot is carving a piece of plexiglass on a knife, the line is very clear. The sculpted image is basically shaped. It is a Buddha statue and it is very realistic.


   Chen Li, who is working on the side of debugging, told reporters that the "sculptor" in this robot's hand is a 0.3-mm ball knife with a 0.2-mm line spacing between each knife. This "carving knife" can not only engrave the plexiglass, but also can be carved wood and other materials. "What is being carved now is a Buddha statue." It takes an hour to complete the entire process. You see, it's nearing the end now. "He smiled and said:" Tomorrow we will change an image. We are ready to sculpt a double dragon play bead. ”


   Chen Li said that this is just a robot's "Friendly Show". Engraving is not its job. As an industrial robot, its job is in the factory's workshop. It is responsible for the milling and cutting of metal parts.


   Dwarf: Flexible "Fist" Robot


   In the Fanuc company's exhibition area, the four "Fist" robots attracted everyone's attention. "Fist means, first, it means that it is very small, the other is that it is like a human hand, very flexible. "In the face of reporters' questions, the staff at the side explained this way.


   Reporters on the scene saw these four "Fist" robots are performing their own "browsing skills". One of the robots separates the medicines from the three bottles. The three pills come in three colors: brown, yellow, and blue. Then they quickly put different colored tablets into the original bottle. difference. The other one is very interested in the steel ball and moves very quickly. “It is only 80% of the time, if you play 100%, you will see it dazzling. The staff said with a smile. Compared to several other fist robots, the "Fist" robot is responsible for grinding the mobile phone shell. When I saw it, I took a phone case, scrubbed it on the grinding wheel on the left and polished it to the right. It turns out that the mobile phone we use every day has a robot's silent dedication.


   Entertainment Talent: Love Bubble Blowing Robot


   At the entrance to the robot booth, there is a naughty robot. It's naughty because it's like a child, blowing bubbles. In fact, from the appearance alone, you will find that unlike ordinary robots, because at the top of the robot arm, there is a plastic toy fish and a plastic bottle filled with soap and water, which looks very cartoon. Because just beside the walkway, the blowing bubbles also stopped many people passing by.


   The reporter saw that the robot was very active, and suddenly it went up and down, suddenly left and right, and it wasn’t time to turn around 360 degrees. It looked very flexible. The staff at the commissioning side told the reporter that this shows that the robot is very flexible and has a large work surface, which means that its scope of application is very broad. Let it "bubble" & rdquo; of course, is overkill, but only to add a little entertainment nothing more.


   There are more than one entertaining robots. In the exhibition area of Yaskawa Electric Co., there is also a robot that can interact with people. The viewer can control the robot by himself, grab the candy and the like, put it in the designated hole, and get the loot.