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Japanese intelligent robots can automatically classify plastic waste

Time:2011-03-22 09:27

   Osaka University in Japan and Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. have collaborated on the design of an intelligent recycling garbage robot that uses laser sensing technology to distinguish six different types of recyclable plastic garbage from all other garbage.   


   The robot has a height of 1.7 to 2.1 meters. It has a robotic arm for sorting trash. It has a laser beam and sensors installed on it. It can analyze the reflectivity of laser light at five different wavelengths in the garbage to identify recyclable plastics for different purposes. Rubbish. Once plastic materials are identified, they are sorted and compressed, which is equivalent to an automated garbage sorter. The purpose of using this robot is to simplify the waste classification process and increase the amount of recycled plastic waste that can be reused.   


   It is said that garbage sorting is a very difficult industry in Japan, and it is often because of the inability to distinguish what type of plastic is recyclable and what is not available, resulting in a low recovery rate. Citizens have to manually classify plastic waste, and each family usually divides their waste into several categories, from "commodity" to "recyclable waste" and so on. At present, plastic recycling is very limited: only two types of waste plastics are recycled, and other plastics are burned with general garbage. This robot uses sorting and sorting to determine six different types of recyclable plastics that are separated from ordinary rubbish, improving the plastics recovery rate and allowing people to confidently recycle plastic waste.  


   Recycling garbage prototype robots are in the testing phase and are currently undergoing demonstration tests in stores in Osaka and Nara. The smaller version of the robot is expected to be put into production very soon, and will cost about $55,000 each. Such robots are too expensive and will probably be more suitable for commercial and industrial use. Not many people will buy one at home.