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Robot popularization need to solve several major technical problems

Time:2011-03-19 14:19

   Before the robot enters the home, many problems must be solved, including sensors, motors, power supplies, and artificial intelligence. Here we introduce the progress of technology.


   Robot sensor

   In the field of industrial control, sensors are ubiquitous, specially designed for device applications, such as temperature, pressure, pH, and even images. An accurate perception environment is the foundation of a universal robot. Human skin contains a variety of sensors that can sense pressure, temperature, and object contact. The sensor network has millions of sensors. At present, studies have been carried out many kinds of skin material. Artificial skin should be able to self repair, perception of pressure and temperature, Peratech ( QuantumTunnelingComposite (QTC) based on a patented technology, developed a new type of material, nano conductive material mixed viscose, could detect the pressure, the material has been commercially available.


   And Japanese researchers have built sensor arrays that not only sense touch, but also perceive temperature, and on the basis of this technology, more sensors are added, and even light and sound can be perceived.


   Robot motor

   Whether linear or rotary motor in robot applications, there are weight, size and mechanical efficiency, the rotary motor is useful in humanoid robots of course, muscle motor is a better choice, or will the induced electric field of materials. Humans have approximately 640 muscles paired operation, can change the length of about 20%-40%, rate of about 20% per second.


   Researchers at University of Texas have found a synthetic muscle material, made of carbon nanotube aerogel, that can stretch 220%, 30000% a second! It also has tensile strength over steel and can be used at extreme temperatures (-196~1538 degrees Celsius). Once it is applied to robots, robots and prosthetics will be very agile and strong.


   Robotic brain

   People can easily walk across the street without being touched by a car. The process is very large, but people can do it unconsciously. Let the robot to complete the action, there are many problems to be solved. Today's silicon technology has a lot of physical limitations, the next generation of digital processing will use quantum devices, will be in a single device to complete a lot of operations, but also reduce power consumption.


   power supply

   The humanoid robot must be able to expect in continuous operation for many hours, and today's battery technology is not enough to support the current consumption of the motor and the computer takes hundreds of watts of electricity, the battery will soon light. Study on electric cars will help solve this problem.


   With the development of new technology, a lot of technical problems will be overcome, and the speed of development may surprise us.