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SIASUN robots embrace the spring of strategic emerging industries

Time:2011-03-18 10:02

   Recently, by the Chinese military strategy committee initiated by "new leader - the leader in 50 strategic emerging industry honor record" theme literature published in grand. The paper choose 50 different from the new generation of information technology, new energy, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, bio medicine, new energy vehicles, high-end manufacturing and other key industries in the leading position, and the significance and role of the development of the industry leader in the emerging, and makes a comprehensive and authoritative depth report on the. Recommend the emerging industries development achievements and experience in the enterprise, the role and contribution of praise outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs in leading the development of China's emerging industries, will become the first China by the authority of the state finance publications and compiling special summary display authoritative literature in strategic emerging industries and enterprises. SIASUN, with its excellent performance in high technology, high intelligent strategy of high-tech equipment field is for honor. The literature describes the history of SIASUN, the leader of President Qu Daokui to make the Chinese robot industry stands in the world of the forest equipment from many angles, again highlighting it as a entrepreneurs out of the ordinary business intelligence, at the same time, from the other side you will see it as a wonderful interpretation of the field of robotics experts on "the value of a company". Into SIASUN, into the robot, in the strategic emerging industry in the spring.


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   SIASUN company as a domestic leading enterprise in the field of robot. After many years of accumulation and innovation, the company has formed a welding robot, mobile robot, robot, robot, robot, robot, spray clean (vacuum) robot, special robot, robot, intelligent service robot injection and other series of more than 40 varieties of robot, gradually expanding the scope of application in automobile and automobile spare parts, engineering machinery, low-voltage electrical appliances and other industries initially to many areas of rail transportation, electric power, IC equipment, military, financial, tobacco, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, energy, petroleum and petrochemical, printing and publishing and the people's livelihood. Over the years, SIASUN company with innovative ideas and stick to its unique industrial mode of operation, so that the cause of the rapid rise of Chinese robot, core technologies and products developed by the company independently to fill a number of gaps, and created a domestic robot batch export precedent, wrote a glorious chapter in the history of the development of China robot.


   In October 18, 2010, the State Council issued the decision on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, which clearly pointed out that the seven strategic emerging industries to accelerate the cultivation of become a leading industry and pillar industries. The SIASUN company in four direction of the industry has been involved in, including the new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and new energy vehicles, can also provide security and support equipment for the other three strategic industries. The automatic robot has been successfully reproduced through all the test, is expected to formally put in early 2011; automatic battery swap system at first, the electric vehicle battery automatic filling, automatic charging; laser technology has made breakthrough progress, to create a number of domestic record; IC clean robot series of products with independent intellectual property rights the fully equipped to replace foreign products competitive; heavy mobile robot, the maximum bearing capacity of up to 20 tons, the performance index has reached the international advanced level, and has a strong market competitiveness, will fully occupy the domestic high-end heavy load logistics center market. The company in the field of smart grid power and smart metering center, full automatic battery exchange station, railway depot automatic maintenance and petrochemical system for drilling platform manipulator automation equipment has made great breakthrough, laid a solid foundation for the company's future development by leaps and bounds.


   Seize the opportunity and momentum. SIASUN has successfully applied the new products to the hot spots of the national economy and broadened the direction of the industry development. Especially with the rapid improvement of labor costs, the market demand for robots and automation equipment instead of manual is much stronger than before. Firmly believe that, by the national vigorously develop the strategic new industry of Dongfeng, SIASUN will usher in a better tomorrow, robot era is striding towards us.