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In 2011, the industrial robot market is still good

Time:2011-03-05 11:49

   The shadow of the economic crisis seems to be still yesterday, but the stimulus from the economic recovery has weakened the shadow. In 2010, all industrial robot manufacturers or is spent in tired and happy mood. Almost all industrial robotic company, whether mainstream vendors like abb, FANUC, or other companies, have been unable to imagine this growth.


   This kind of economic recovery from the fourth quarter of 2009, which is an economic stimulus, the most important is the two aspects of a new energy industry development and application, there is a substantial increase in the demand for the automotive industry. In particular, the demand for automobiles in the automotive industry, especially in Asia, has directly stimulated the development of related industries. In 2010, China's auto sales accounted for about 18 million of the synchronous growth of about 38%, the magnitude of this growth directly stimulate car manufacturers to vigorously promote new brand domestic brand manufacturers new line to snatch the market.


   The industrial robot is very important in the automobile production equipment, all the parts of the production needs of industrial robots to participate, we will give a few examples: there are a large number of die casting, the production of the automobile body welding production, detection and other applications, which are currently some by industrial machines especially with the completion of ginseng welding wire welding line there are a large number of industrial robots, so some leadership now is to visit the general welding workshop of a row of robot is quite spectacular, but also shows the degree of automation is high automotive production, automotive interior as multi variable, most main is the dashboard dashboard is made of epidermal weakening products finally, the robot robot foam cutting robot, spraying car body of this piece due to the heavy workload, a lot of risk, but also by the industrial robot Substitute for. So produced a car needs quite a lot from just a few robot process requires at least 8 robot system to complete a car, Chinese the demand for cars is growing while Beijing lottery to limit Car Buying and Shanghai licence fee for what, but the other China economic city the development of the demand for cars is still quite large and this is the independent brand to establish a market opportunity.


   Of course, because of the particularity of industrial robot demand growth Chinese market, and the former salary growth pressure of some other factors such as the modernization of the government's proposed policy or plan, which is not the most direct response to market economy. At present, all factories are in Chinese with manufacturing and most of the factory and not in accordance with the foreign standards to build automated plant most of the work is still done by people in the United States, a worker is spending $30/ hours in Chinese is about $300/ months the difference is very large, but the difference in slowly decrease I dare say the workers Chinese within 35 years of the salary must be doubled, the pressure is bound to cause those who cannot move again to the labor cost areas to consider the use of industrial robots to replace the artificial plant.


   The current situation is Chinese European industry later, of course, this change is not very fast but it is slowly coming, Chinese economic stimulus will help countries maintain this trend slowly to give them some new time due to competition and fell to the pressure will make international relations more complex, while the independent brand industry the robot Chinese did not enhance the competitiveness of integrated manufacturing ability and the ability of autonomous robot system is also a priority among priorities.


   Based on the above information, we believe that the 2011 robot sales market will still be quite good, and in 2010 will only have gone too far, wait and see!