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Analysis of the development trend of touch panel in China

Time:2011-03-01 15:44

   Beijing time 03 Sept. 01, Chinese touch screen network, as the multi touch solutions provider, transit extension technology is a powerful software development oriented high-tech enterprises, is currently in the domestic multi touch field has made some achievements. Multi touch software development direction of the next phase of the research will continue to have a stronger interaction, also with the ability of mass production of touch devices, from a software company to touch a full range of solutions provider development. To this end, the road science and technology are also concerned about the development of global touch industry, this paper briefly analyzes the industry situation of touch panel.


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   Before 2008, the Japanese still touch panel industry has certain advantages, but then gradually lose price competitiveness, the whole supply chain to the touch panel Chinese (Taiwan and mainland manufacturers), this is a touch direction of development advantages and opportunities for China. For the two major touch panel market, resistive touch panel, Taiwan out of low-priced products, but will focus on high-end products, shipments have already surpassed Japan; while the film projected capacitive touch panel is similar with the process and the threshold is not high, Taiwan manufacturers are in this direction.


   Due to the insistence of Steve Jobs (Apple founder), apple can be said to drive the development of the glass projection capacitive touch panel, which has far-reaching impact on the touch industry. But in fact, this part of the technical threshold of glass projected capacitive touch panel with high current by the Taiwan and Taiwan factory factory land leading, pure land owned factory is mainly to provide sensor.


   Mobile touch panel Market Analysis

   iPhone launched and hot, making almost all smart phones are built-in touch function, which triggered the touch boom really touch technology into the field of human-computer interaction in front of the field. MediaTek will touch the function built in mobile phone baseband chip, greatly enhance the proportion of mainland mobile phone built-in touch function. It is expected that in 2012, 100% high order smart phones are built-in multi touch projection capacitive touch panel, MediaTek also has the opportunity to capacitive touch IC built in mobile phone baseband chip. Taiwan factory for mobile phone equipped with projected capacitive touch panel and market share rise, 2011 will be fully dominated.


   Resistive touch screen panel because it is unable to complete the "multi touch", and gradually fade out of the market, although still occupy the largest share in the market, but in the face of price competition, from the 2008 2.2~~2.4 inch each quote 2.4 dollars, fell to $0.6 in 2010.


   Taiwan three mobile phone panel factory Yang Hua, interface, time and latitude, the current proportion of more than 90% of the shipment is still biased in the mobile phone. Mainland industry due to glass projection capacitive touch panel front half semi-finished products can not grasp, this part of the market opportunities still need technical support. Both sides of the industry shipments in the mobile phone touch panel, in 2011 is expected to reach 630 million.


   Touch panel Market Analysis

   The key to successful Tablet product is a multi touch platform universal, iPad's success has brought great pressure to other companies, although the companies have launched the platform, such as: Android, WebOS, Microsoft WP7, MeeGo and so on, but how to attract third party to write a large enough software is still a problem. Non iPad market is expected to reach 26 million 910 thousand units in 2011, while the two sides in the Tablet touch panel occupy the open supply chain, pioneer, and economies of scale production advantages.


   It is expected that 12.1 inch Tablet touch panel will be fully projected capacitive, the mainland cottage Tablet using projected capacitor panel faster than the mobile phone. At the end of 2011, both sides of the industry on the iPad touch panel shipments of nearly 30 million, the brand industry shipped 16 million 80 thousand tablets, 1 million 787 thousand tablets of copycat industry shipments, the international industry shipments of 9 million 45 thousand, total shipments reached iPad iPad on the two world situation.


   AIO touch panel Market Analysis

   Due to the slow recovery of the market in Europe, America and Japan, the industry has slowed down the planning speed of introducing AIO into the touch panel. The optical touch panel with touch ghost and only two touch and other restrictions before the size of projected capacitive touch panel good rate, in the first half of 2011 iMac using the touch panel AIO cannot bring very little chance, for the growth of the touch panel.


   Projected capacitive touch panel in the popularization of the mobile phone is the key to productivity and yield rate, but also the copycat machine MediaTek baseband chip integration projected capacitive touch function Tablet tablet computer schedule; this part of the transfer problem. As for the AIO computer part, the company only produces the 20 inch projection capacitive touch panel manufacturers, but the cost is too high and the capacity is insufficient. The 2 2011 is expected in the year before the end of the season, the international giants in the AIO touch panel shipments only 92~93 million Taiwan factory.