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Development trend of motion controller Market in China

Time:2010-11-10 10:06

   Market Research Report Chinese motion controller IMSResearch released pointed out that due to the strong demand for machinery and equipment manufacturers downstream of the motion controller, Chinese universal motion controller (GMC) market capacity is expected to reach $1 billion 65 million in 2014, while the CNC motion controller market scale will reach $1 billion 239 million.


   Analyst Zhou Wanmu said: machine tools, textile machinery, rubber machinery, printing machinery and packaging machinery industry accounted for more than 80% of sales China motion control market, now and in the future will be the main market of the motion controller. Food and beverage machinery, tobacco machinery, medical equipment and scientific equipment industry demand for motion controller due to closely related with people's life, the consumption has been in steady growth, so it is a kind of mechanical industry demand for motion controller is a steady growth.


   Although the electronics and semiconductor equipment industry in the end of 2008 has been some impact, but the application of motion controller in the electronics and semiconductor machinery has been growing in 2009 and 2010 due to the huge investment in electronic manufacturing industry and the terminal consumption, motion control in electronic and mechanical equipment in semiconductor sales rebound. Chinese as electronics manufacturing base for one of the world's most important electronics manufacturing, electronics assembly and semiconductor equipment demand and production of steady growth, IMSResearch expects that these industries are not in quite a long period of time of mass transfer to other countries with lower costs, so the motion controller in the next few years in the electronics and semiconductor equipment industry sales will maintain rapid growth.


   As OEM manufacturers become more familiar with motion controller products, motion controllers have been expanding their application areas and scope, and have made breakthroughs in some non-traditional segments. Although these industries account for only a small market of motion controller market, these areas will become the profit growth point in the future, and also provide market opportunities for many small and medium sized companies. For example, the variable pitch control system of wind, oil pump, flame cutting machine, wafer cutting machine, tracker, spring machine, tufting machine etc..