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Accelerating development of linear motor will upgrade traditional manufacturing industry

Time:2010-08-20 16:31

   The modern manufacturing industry in the field of each half, and the two movement cost close to 2009, according to estimates, China motor total sales in more than 100 billion yuan, while the linear motor every year at least hundreds of billions of market demand.


   Imperative development


   With the development of advanced manufacturing industry in China, the linear motor industry, as an implicit basic industry, should be paid attention to and accelerated development. Linear motor is of great significance to the advanced manufacturing industry.


   First, the linear motor has a wide application in manufacturing industry, these industries include: machine tools, measuring, drilling, milling, grinding, electronic assembly, laser cutting, screen printing, adhesive, semiconductor wafer processing processing, delivery, label bonding, wire bonding and ion implantation, flat printing, textile machinery etc.. By introducing linear motor control system, not only can improve the machining accuracy and efficiency of these industries, but also reduce the wear and energy consumption. At the same time, it is also the industrial upgrading of these industries.


   Secondly, the application of linear motor can improve the production efficiency of labor-intensive enterprises in china. A lot of labor-intensive industries, such as food, batteries, toys processing enterprises, usually requires a lot of manpower, if the production line upgrade automatic production line for linear motor drive, for enterprises to overcome the "shortage of migrant workers", alleviate the rising labor costs pressures will play a certain role.


   Then, the development of linear motor industry can quickly narrow the gap between China and the developed countries. The high speed, high precision and high thrust of linear motor determine its hard demand in the field of scientific research. The use of linear motor, maglev train traveling to more than 500 kilometers per hour, in a few seconds to launch an aircraft to hundreds of kilometers of speed, micron precision processing of a variety of parts and components. It can be imagined that without the development of linear motors, the development of many high-tech fields will be difficult.