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Current situation and Prospect of LED packaging bracket Market in China

Time:2010-05-14 10:32

   In recent years, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have made their own development plans around the LED lighting industry, in order to seize the commanding heights of the industry. China has developed and launched the "863" plan, green lighting engineering, semiconductor lighting project, "ten city lights" semiconductor lighting demonstration project and other measures to vigorously support the development of China's LED industry, LED industry in China has entered a period of rapid development.


   At present, China has initially formed a LED epitaxial wafer production, LED chip preparation, LED chip package and LED application products, a relatively complete industrial chain, and has a certain advantage in the downstream integration application. LED employs more than 50 thousand people, more than 20 research institutions, more than 4000 enterprises, of which more than 50 upstream enterprises, hundreds of packaging companies, more than 3000 downstream enterprises. In 2009, the scale of China's LED market was 21 billion 480 million yuan, an increase of 15.9% compared with 2008. From the quantity point of view, the demand for China's LED market in 2009 was 50 billion 50 million, which was 16.7% higher than that of 2008.


   一、LED packaging stent market competitive landscape

   China's current LED market demand is 42 billion 800 million, and the annual growth rate of 30%. From the overall industry point of view, China's current production capacity of 70% concentrated in the downstream application, lack of core technology and patents. Surface mount LED precision stent industry for LED packaging industry, which belongs to the middle of the industrial chain, with high technical content, mainly from Japan and Taiwan enterprises monopoly, the domestic LED packaging companies need a large number of imports from overseas, unable to form a local matching and reflect the cost advantage of China's LED industry control. In recent years, the manufacturing technology of domestic enterprises to study package support Shenzhen Everwin precision technology as a representative of the Limited by Share Ltd, in order to break the monopoly of foreign enterprises in this industry. In 2009, the Shenzhen company in the domestic enterprises in the EPI Chinese only successfully developed products support LED precision good performance, high production automation level, and began to cast production.


   二、Development trend of LED packaging bracket Technology

   With the attention of various countries to the LED industry, the LED precision bracket technology also presents the following development direction:

   1、The development of small power to high power

   With the LED product brightness requirements increase, LED product development gradually from low power to high power, small size backlight and indoor lighting applications gradually expanded, high brightness LED in a stage of rapid growth, gradually increase the proportion of LED, has become a mainstream product, which is matched with the surface mount LED precision support from low power to high power directional lifting. At present, high-power surface mount LED precision bracket is mainly produced by Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions.


   2、Development from lighting to industrial application

   With the development of LED products from lighting to backlight display, the surface mount LED precision bracket also meets the requirements of high efficiency solid light source. At present, surface mount LED precision bracket mainly produced by Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and other countries and regions, but the domestic enterprises in Shenzhen Changying company in 2009 to develop a highly efficient light source solid surface mount LED precision support products, technology has reached the international advanced level.


   3、 Power consumption is getting lower and lower

  The energy saving requirements of LED products are higher and higher. Surface mount type LED precision bracket has higher requirements for heat dissipation and concentration in order to reduce the power consumption of LED products.


   4、High efficiency production

   LED products are more and more widely used, the amount is huge, the traditional mode of production is low efficiency, high cost, can not adapt to the development of the industry. Shenzhen Changying company developed surface mount LED precision support products of high starting point cut, the use of automated production, single unit output up to 1 million 200 thousand, reached the international advanced level.


   三、Market prospect of LED packaging bracket is broad

   In view of the growing demand for LED applications market, the corresponding LED packaging market growth has also accelerated, especially SMD and high-power LED packaging growth is more rapid, and gradually become the mainstream trend of LED packaging market. In the LED packaging market products, LED surface mount package support accounted for about 40% of the market share, the remaining 60% is pin type, from a technical change, pin type in the next few years will be gradually replaced by surface mount type. From the actual demand scale, the demand for SMT precision bracket LED has increased rapidly, maintained at about 30% of the growth rate, and in 2008 reached 43.1% of the rapid growth, showing strong market demand. As shown in the following picture:


   2005-2009 years of China surface mount LED precision packaging bracket Market Demand

   As LED has the advantages of green, environmental protection, energy saving and other advantages, in line with the national energy saving and emission reduction development policy, the overall trend of the future market is still good. On the other hand, the rapid development of LED in the emerging applications such as large size backlight, landscape lighting, automotive lighting, low temperature lighting will gradually become another booster to promote the growth of LED market. In 2009, China's LED market sales reached 50 billion 50 million, an increase of 16.7%. In 2005-2009 years, the average annual growth rate of LED market demand in China reached 16.4%.


   With landscape lighting, LED lamps and large size backlight applications will gradually increase to increase the average price of LED, 2014 China LED market demand volume will reach 34 billion 130 million yuan, in terms of quantity, surface mount LED precision support in 2010 China's demand for 26 billion 410 million, to 2014 will reach 57 billion 970 million. As shown in the following picture:

   Prediction of 20102014 years LED packaging industry scale China (output)

   Market demand forecast of China surface mount LED precision bracket in 2009-2014 years


   四、Thinking about packaging industry in China

   On the whole, although many of the development of LED industry in our country, but not many large enterprises in the industry, small business groups and technical strength uneven phenomenon, from the enterprise share, the top five domestic enterprises accounted for only about 10% of the total output value, the strength of enterprises scattered, industry concentration is not high, is an important reflection of competition the pattern of Chinese LED packaging industry. Although there are such as Shenzhen Everwin precision technology Limited by Share Ltd LED package support such production enterprises, but the semiconductor lighting industry is the support of key national strategic growth industry, also need national efforts to support its localization.