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European servo motors will show a steady upward trend

Time:2010-05-12 11:30

   There are three main types of servo motor market in Europe: DC brush servo, AC/DC brushless servo and AC induction (asynchronous) servo. Among these types, the AC/DC brushless servo has a market share of more than 80% in europe.


   DC brushless servo market has been declining for many years due to the emergence of AC/DC brushless motor. Moreover, this trend will continue, and there are not too many new designs for DC servo motors. AC induction servo performance in terms of, between AC brushless servo motor and standard AC induction motor, in the price is cheaper.


   For the European movement control market, the German market is dominant, mainly because Germany is in the leading position in many mechanical industries. In 2002, Germany surpassed Japan, becoming the world's largest producer of machinery tools, which is the largest application of servo motor industry. As in many other industrial automation markets, the European servo motor market reached its peak in the first half of 2001, but began to decline in the following 2002 and the first half of 2003. This is about 1 years behind the decline in the industrial automation market in the United states. The main reason is that the number of machines that have been manufactured and sold throughout Europe has fallen sharply, especially in Germany, almost down by half.


   After the adjustment in recent years, IMS consulting predicts that the European servo motor market will be on a steady rise in the next two years.


   The increase in the number of machinery produced annually, the amount of investment in the manufacturing industry and technological trends and other factors affect the servo motor market.


   For the technical development of motion control market, the servo motor is not always attached to. Specifically, the European servo motor market growth is directly driven by linear motor instead of direct drive linear systems is studied based on non servo, and the impact of integrated drive and the ability to control the servo motor.


   IMS predicts that the increase in the use of linear motors will have a restraining effect on the servo motor market. Linear motor provides direct drive scheme, providing high accuracy and high acceleration.


   At present, the European industrial linear motor market is not large, but in the next few years, the market will grow at a high rate of growth. Among them, part of the growth is expected to replace the rotary servo system.


   Integrated drive (Integrateddrives) is a new product type; the driver and configuration circuit are integrated in the motor housing. This eliminates the need for extended drive units. At present, many users are still testing and evaluating such products. IMS predicts that the European market with integrated drive servo motors is expected to be around 15 million. Only 1% of the whole servo motor market.