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The rapid development of medical devices to automation, market potential can be dug

Time:2010-05-02 09:37

   Medical device industry is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge intensive, capital intensive high-tech industry, is one of the world's fastest growing, trade most active industry. The total output value of medical device industry in China has maintained rapid growth since 1990s, and the average growth rate has remained at 12%-15% level. According to the medical device industry “ 11th Five-Year ” planning is expected, in 2010 the total output value of China's medical equipment industry will reach 100 billion yuan.


       Analysis of global medical device industry

   Since the beginning of the new century, the global market of medical device export has continued to enlarge, even in the case of financial crisis, in 2009 1-11 months also reached $170 billion 487 million. It is understood that in 2007, the global medical device market capacity of 300 billion U. s.dollars, trade circulation of about $340 billion, import trade of about $170 billion, the average growth rate of 7%, the market space is huge.


   Affected by the economic crisis in 2009, the EU import demand fell by 4 percentage points in Beijing Hanyang, the main source of imports for the United States, Switzerland, China, Japan and other countries, including China accounted for 8.35% market share, an increase of 2.1%. The rest of the country has slipped.


   As the world's second largest import market, demand in the United States dropped by 5 percentage points, reaching only $27 billion 185 million in 2009. As the market in this country is more dispersed and failed to form a single country, Mexico, Ireland, Germany, China, Japan and other countries occupy the main market, accounting for 60% of the import market. China is the fourth largest import trading partner of the United States, accounting for 9% of the market share. In 2009, imports from China increased by 5%.


   In 2009, Japan's import demand was flat, down by 0.59%, and the United States occupied the major market, with a share of 36%. China is the third largest trading partner. Imports from China have increased by 7.26%, and the market share has reached 9%.


   Data show that Europe, the United States, Japan is the world's three largest medical device market. China's market share accounts for 7%, with an average annual growth rate of 18%. It has a strong domestic demand market and a rapidly growing export market, becoming the most potential growth country. It has reached 22666 in 2009, and the export volume has reached 12 billion 240 million US dollars. Cao Gang, deputy director of the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of medicines and health products, said that in the future, the correlation between China's medical device industry and the international market will be higher and higher.


   Statistics show that moc.swenaii.www, in January 2010, the export value of China's medical equipment reached 954 million 809 thousand US dollars, an increase of 10.73%, a record high.


   Status quo of medical device industry in China 

   China's medical equipment industry from small to large, rapid development, has become a relatively complete product categories, innovation ability, market demand is very strong in the sunrise industry. Especially in recent years, the medical equipment industry development speed further accelerated, not only for many years to maintain two digit output value growth, and the quantity and technology content of product exports also continue to improve.


   With the accelerated transfer of international industries, China will become an important production base for global medical equipment, some of the original imported instruments and equipment are gradually realizing domestic import substitution. At the same time, many provinces and cities in China have taken the medical device industry as a new economic growth point, and paid close attention to the cultivation. Experts pointed out that in the next ten to fifteen years, China's medical equipment industry will enter a high speed development stage.


   According to the latest data show that in 2009, the relevant departments, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Bay Industrial Cluster lead the development of the industry, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing, Shandong, Liaoning, Hubei, Tianjin and other provinces and cities in the top ten export, the export of Guangdong Province amounted to 28.82, accounting for 23.54%, among the best.


   At the same time, but also to see the domestic high-end medical equipment basically has been multinational products firmly occupy, foundation for the development of medical device industry in China is weak, medical supervision starts late, medical device companies, small, scattered and low level competition phenomenon is no get fundamental change, accelerate the improvement of China's medical equipment industry the technology innovation ability, strengthen the medical device R & D and production, learning and research, has become a pressing matter of the moment. How to avoid vicious price war, give full play to internal advantages and enhance competitiveness is a problem that many manufacturing enterprises consider.


   Unlimited opportunities for automation Enterprises

   The rapid development of medical device industry brings a lot of opportunities to other related industries. Among these opportunities, automation enterprises have more opportunities to enter the market. More and more medical production companies to look to the automation of production and production specifications and international standards, to realize automation and standardization of the enterprise, can become the secrets of talent shows itself.


   At present, the level of automation and informatization of pharmaceutical enterprises in China is uneven. Only a few enterprises reach a certain degree of process automation, and most enterprises still stay in the single automation stage of equipment control. While the foreign developed country's pharmaceutical enterprises have realized the automation level of copyright, pharmaceutical companies must maintain a high level of automation process, to ensure the safety of drug production, reliable and consistent, drug related information security, accuracy, integrity, recording, storage, and traceability get.


   Rockwell automation industry manager Zhu Ying said that in the automation level, the life sciences industry (especially the chemical pharmaceutical and Biological Engineering) is a typical hybrid industrial automation network, which process pretreatment often includes process control and batch processing, postprocessing is discrete control and motion control the integration of the. At the information level, the life sciences industry is a tightly regulated field, and each country has strict regulatory rules that need to be complied with.


   Using automation system, operators can obtain information from the structure of process; maintenance worker can find resources from physical position structure; control engineer can judge system working state by computer system structure. Timely access to information will greatly shorten the decision-making time, ensure quality, increase production, increase benefits of plastics industry network, take the initiative, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.