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Prospects for the future development of equipment manufacturing industry in Foshan

Time:2010-03-22 15:31

   Foshan is an important manufacturing base in China, and the output of many industrial products ranks first in the country. In order to enhance the ability to withstand the financial crisis, the adjustment of economic structure in Foshan city to make snap at the same time, bold innovation in key areas and key links, accelerate the establishment of institutional mechanisms to improve the vitality of more competitive.


   According to the "Foshan modern industrial system construction plan (2009-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the Foshan industry positioning is: modern manufacturing base in the world level, radiation in the Pan Pearl River Delta region industry service center, Guangzhou and Guangdong formed an important economic growth pole. The city will implement regional differences in the development of Chancheng area to build a modern service industry, the core area of high-end industries and cultural industries; Nanhai District construction has become a modern manufacturing base, the financial service area of high-tech and new core consumer district; Shunde district construction become the headquarters Economic Zone, all white goods, modern logistics base, eco city; Gaoming District construction has become a new industry city, south of the Five Ridges leisure tourism resort; Sanshui District to build an ecological industry zone, modern city of fashion. How to achieve this goal, to analyze the status of manufacturing in Foshan.


   一、Development status of equipment manufacturing industry in Foshan

   Machinery and equipment industry is the most direct embodiment of regional manufacturing capacity. In 2009, as the largest industry of machinery and equipment industry in Foshan, the annual industrial output value above scale was 266 billion 139 million yuan, an increase of 18.1%, accounting for 22.6% of the city's total industrial output value above designated size. As with all other industries, machinery and equipment industry in Foshan has withstood the baptism of the financial crisis, but rely on their own technology innovation, constantly, seize the opportunity of economic recovery, become Foshan economy to break the "engine".


   From 2009 to April January, the export oriented enterprises in the lower reaches stopped production or semi production, and in the first half of the year, the sales of the whole industry decreased by nearly 30%. Especially in the traditional industries such as ceramics, furniture, toys and clothing, the demand for equipment has dropped significantly, and some enterprises even withdraw the good orders. The weakening demand has forced some machinery and equipment enterprises to start downsizing and clean up inventory. But in the 5, June, Zhongnan Machinery, machinery, a great source of field of machine tools and other mechanical equipment enterprise orders began to come back, until October, under the expansion of investment in the country a series of policies to stimulate domestic demand, and the market confidence began to recover, demand for machinery and equipment industry has been steadily climbing downstream enterprises.


   It is reported that China machinery and equipment businesses continue to create market opportunities for themselves, they rely on continuous technological innovation, keep introducing new technology and new products in the crisis, this is one of the secrets of the rapid development of industrial machinery and equipment. In October 21, 2009, the fifth session of Chinese (Foshan) machinery and equipment exhibition, Guangdong Chen de Plastics Machinery Co. Engineer Hu Liangwei said that the study on Chun injection molding machine products for different industries, such as the medical device industry to machine precision, environmental protection, cleanliness requirements are very high, the injection molding machine Chun in cooperation with the South China University of Technology developed. To achieve a full electric, high precision, breaking the foreign monopoly.


   The independent innovation of some enterprises has also been encouraged by the municipal government. In 2009, the special funds for economic and technological development of the city were awarded Keda electric machinery, Foshan water pump plant, Foshan water pump factory “ solvent recovery system in the pharmaceutical industry ” the project was supported by 3 million yuan. At the same time to obtain 3 million yuan of special funds for independent innovation Keda coal gasification furnace, the conversion rate is more than 80%, than the current domestic common water gas furnace efficiency increased by nearly 100%, and the technical level of Shell, Texaco had little difference.


   Relying on technological innovation to win the market opportunities, by the end of 2009, the downstream consumer goods exports and domestic demand has begun to rise significantly. Foshan machinery and equipment industry association secretary general Wu Zhiping said, most of Foshan's machinery and equipment and household appliances, ceramics, and other related professional woodworking machinery, the second half of the real estate pickingup the building materials market, and the implementation of home appliances to the countryside, the Foshan household electrical appliance enterprises by favorable policies, indirectly promote the Foshan machinery industry is in a V shape recovery.


   二、Development prospect of equipment manufacturing industry in Foshan

   1、New trends: domestic demand is not reduced, opportunities continue

   Foshan municipal government recently proposed to build 12 industrial heights, of which digital into a set of mechanical equipment represents the future direction of the development of machinery and equipment industry in Foshan. According to Luo Baihui, machinery and equipment enterprises in Foshan are mainly domestic supply and consumer goods related to light industry, as long as the domestic consumer market continued to improve, machinery and equipment enterprises will encounter opportunities. Judging from the overall trend at home and abroad, this year's economic situation will be at least better than last year. The policy of stimulating domestic demand will be introduced gradually, and some enterprises will be forced to add and replace equipment. Last year, the state promulgated the plan of adjustment and revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry, which provided a good external environment for the development of Foshan's machinery and equipment industry.


   2、New challenge: salary is high, talent is difficult to stay

   In order to strengthen the mechanical equipment field, it is necessary to attract technology and management personnel to join, but the problem of talent has made Foshan machinery and equipment enterprises worried.


   In the survey at the end of last year a city economic and Trade Bureau in the ACL executive general manager Yang Zhenmin said, in a relatively remote industrial area, high-end talent because of the lack of city life experience is difficult to settle down development.


   The general manager of Foshan Yuantian mattress machinery Co. Ltd. Li Deqiang said Tian source of ordinary workers the average monthly salary of 4000~6000 yuan, some college students to enterprises with higher wages, but is not willing to line.


   Luo Baihui analysis, the enterprise to keep people, relates to the construction of Foshan City, industrial park, supporting a new generation of human resources management changes, college students' view of life value of private enterprises, the government, enterprises and job seekers to work together to seek solutions.


   3、New positioning: world class modern manufacturing base

   Foshan industry will be positioned as a modern manufacturing base of the world level and an industrial service center in the Pan Pearl River Delta region, forming an important economic growth pole in Guangdong with Guangzhou. The day before, Foshan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau announced the "Foshan modern industrial system construction plan (2009-2020)", the key point of the development of regional industrial refining City, and industrial space layout, proposed to the development of “ a nuclear two zone, three zone, &rdquo zone;; the plan also revealed that ten project investment about 300000000000 yuan to build the rudiment of modern industrial system in Foshan, will soon begin construction.


   A nuclear

   Including Chancheng District, Nanhai District of Guicheng and Dongping new town. Focus on the development of financial, exhibition, logistics, cultural and creative, business, leisure, tourism, information, headquarters economy, high-tech industries and high-tech content of the advantages of traditional manufacturing and other fine economy


   Eastern and Northern Industrial Development Zones

   In the center of Foshan, Daliang Ronggui group as the main, North and South Zhongshan Dali in the water, extension, extension of the East and west sides


   By closely linked with Guangzhou, will focus on the development of household appliances, electronic information, machinery and equipment, new light source, environmental protection, high-end ceramics and textiles, creative design, exhibition, logistics and professional market and other industries, and gradually build become the main industry of modern manufacturing and modern service industry zone


   Eco economic development belt in southwest of Northwest China

   Northwest Sanshui, East China Sea and Gaoming District are adjacent to the surrounding cities, mountainous areas and the South China Sea


   Give full play to the advantages of ecological resources and humanities, hydrology, landscape, and gradually create “ Guangfo (Pearl River Delta) metropolitan ecological tourism economic belt ” Pearl River Delta West Coast Tourism Resort


   Ronggui Headquarters Economic Zone, Daliang

   Build a characteristic headquarters economic base and the gathering place of high-end service institutions


   Southwest emerging industry trade zone

   The development of new materials, food and beverage, petroleum chemical industry, textile and garment, metal material processing, furniture manufacturing industry and modern logistics industry, focus on the professional market, tourism and other service industries, and gradually build a new industry and modern business base


   Northwest modern industrial science and Education Zone

   The development of new display devices, electronic appliances, medical equipment, auto parts, food and beverage, metal processing, photovoltaic, biomedicine, energy saving lighting and other modern manufacturing and R & D, design, key business, higher occupation education, training and other modern service industry, and gradually build into an important modern industrial base with strong research and innovation ability


   The development of five differences

   To strengthen cooperation with Guangzhou, will focus on automotive, petrochemical, shipbuilding, electronics, metal materials, machinery and equipment, furniture and appliances, finance, logistics, exhibition and tourism industry to strengthen cooperation and jointly build the world advanced manufacturing industry base and regional modern service center. "Planning" also proposed to rely on anfudushijuan, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, to build vehicles and spare parts, solar energy industry, new light and bio pharmaceutical industry to create high value of over billion of emerging industrial clusters.


   300 billion, build ten major projects

   White home appliances are engineering, new flat panel display industry, engineering machinery and equipment engineering, traditional industrial revitalization projects, new energy and new light industrial engineering, logistics engineering, financial engineering, cultural and creative tourism business engineering, agricultural engineering, infrastructure engineering.


   In 2020, there are over 100 enterprises in headquarter

   Planning put forward to optimize the layout of headquarters economy space. Dongping new town mainly develops comprehensive headquarters, Chancheng District focuses on the construction of ceramic headquarters base, Nanhai focuses on the development of financial headquarters base, Shunde planning and development of Ronggui, Beijiao and other characteristic headquarters base.


   Among them, Foshan will actively develop a number of headquarters enterprises, actively introduce domestic and foreign group headquarters and regional headquarters, in 2020, the headquarters enterprises reached more than 100.


   The development of modern logistics industry, improve the international logistics port, China Sanshan through the construction of logistics park, the Pearl River Delta in the Midwest regional center of production park; planning and construction Machi international procurement and logistics area, the water in the eastern region, Chancheng Port Logistics Park Comprehensive Logistics Park, the new modern logistics Industrial Park and other large logistics park in Shishan; Danzao, to the layout of railway logistics center.


   In addition, the high standard construction of Guangdong financial high-tech service area, by 2020, the domestic national banking institutions are entering Foshan, the introduction of more than 10 foreign financial institutions.