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Three problems of China's machinery industry need improvement urgently

Time:2010-03-10 13:31

   In 2009, China's machinery industry has performed well, but there are still three problems: the structural adjustment needs to be promoted, the foundation is not firm, and the environment of high-end equipment localization is not ideal.


   China's machinery industry performed well in 2009, Xinhua reported on January 27th. Despite the impact of the international financial crisis, the added value of machinery industry increased by 13.8% over the past 08 years, 2.8 percentage points higher than the growth rate of 11% in the national industry in the past 09 years.


   However, we should not neglect that there are many problems in the development of the machinery industry, and there are still many outstanding problems to be solved.


   Wang Ruixiang, President of China Federation of machinery industry, said that the most prominent problem is the structural adjustment needs to be promoted from the perspective of the development of the industry itself. Although China's machinery industry is very fast, but most products are still popular, compared with the international advanced level there are still many gaps.


   Last year, China's power generation equipment, metal mill, metallurgical equipment and other key products demand growth rate dropped significantly, this is an alarming signal, that the machinery industry has been difficult to rely on the rapid growth of traditional products to support their own development needs." Wang Ruixiang said, "in the future, we must speed up the pace of industrial restructuring and upgrading, improve product technology content and added value, expand the industry growth space."


   Another structural problem existing in the mechanical industry is that the foundation is not firm. China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Cai Weici said that the large casting and forging, basic components, processing aids and special raw materials are still the weakness of China's machinery industry. Taking wind power equipment as an example, although the assembly capacity of our country has been surplus, but the key components such as bearings can not be fully autonomous production.


   Cai Weici said that although the 09 year plan "adjustment and revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry" proposed to "consolidate the foundation", but the progress is very slow. This is due to the introduction of the actual remains to be practical and effective measures to support, on the other hand, the original machinery industry complete basic technology R & D system has ceased to exist, the common technologies now lack of innovation platform support.


   In the industrial development environment, China's high-end equipment localization environment is still not ideal. Wang Ruixiang said, now domestic equipment discrimination in the phenomenon of domestic equipment is still common. Some users forced the localization of the host must use the specified imported parts and materials, or in the purchase of equipment for domestic equipment wantonly to keep the prices down, the twists and turns or exaggerated propaganda in the localization process, even higher than the international standard of similar products in the unrealistic demands increase domestic difficulty. If there is no order, it is difficult for equipment manufacturing enterprises to carry out some aspects of R & D.


   From 2006 onwards, the state explicitly proposed to encourage the use of domestic first (set) equipment, 09 years of the revitalization plan again to emphasize this point, but the actual policy has not been introduced, the problem is more complex." Cai Weici said.


   Severe export situation is also an important problem facing the machinery industry. In 2009, the machinery industry accumulated 195 billion 800 million US dollars of foreign exchange exports, a decrease of 19.25% over the past 08 years, and the import and export surplus dropped sharply from 08 US $47 billion 669 million to 14 billion 900 million US dollars, which highlights the weakness of China's international competitiveness.


   China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Lu Renqi said that although the global economy to pick up signs of improvement, but the recession will not end in the short term, we are developing the emerging market demand is limited, some developing countries are wary of me, often initiated anti-dumping litigation. Even after several years of economic recovery, exports will rise, but it is impossible to restore the past ten years machinery products continuous export rise brilliant.


   Lu Renqi suggested that the optimization of product structure to meet the domestic demand for high-end market to replace some of the imported machinery industrial enterprises; to increase the added value of export products, realize the transformation from expanding injection weight to focus on quality improvement; in the consolidation of the United States, Japan and Europe to the traditional market at the same time, actively explore new markets. At the same time, we must continue to improve our ability to cope with trade frictions.