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2010 SIFA China Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition

Time:2010-03-09 08:31

   China Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition in March 8th grand opening, a total of more than 300 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions, the exhibition area of 23000 square meters, compared with the predecessor in 2009 China (Guangzhou) international industrial automation and Instrument Exhibition increased 45%.


   Automation leading enterprises strong debut

   The exhibition will be held in Pazhou Complex in March 2010 8 to 11 in Guangzhou Chinese import and export commodities, leading exhibitors including Autotec, Banner, times of Fu, Baumer, Yadi, Hilscher, Kuebler, Lenze, SAMD, Leuze, Feinikesi, Schmersal, Shi Ke, Toyo and Turck, will exhibit a series of control the mechanical driving system, transmission system, and parts, man-machine interface device, industrial personal computer, integrated system, sensor, and sensor technology etc..


   Industrial automation leading enterprises SIEMENS China bullish market, the heavy attack, to build more than 250 square meters booth, showcasing the energy efficiency, industrial identification, wireless communications, industrial innovation small automation controller, communication standard, security technology, switching device energy efficiency of new technologies and new achievements.


   In addition, the German AMA Sensor Technology Association will show the exhibition area, the introduction of advanced sensor technology and applications in Europe to the exhibition audience. The association is mainly made up of measuring instruments and system manufacturers, representing the interests of the industry in Germany as well as elsewhere.


   In addition, the Taiwan electrical and electronics industry association also organized the Taiwan Pavilion, including the well-known Taiwan dinhaw electromechanical (Chinese) personal computer and Sensor Technology Co. Ltd., with open electronic Co. Ltd., SYNTIME Enterprises Limited, Jintai Industrial Co. Ltd. will promote innovation, industrial instrumentation.


   A number of wonderful activities during the same period to enhance professional content

   SPS – China Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition has arranged a series of synchronous activities for different fields of industry to enhance the exhibition and visit benefits. One of the exciting activities in March 8, 2010 2010 "Guangdong Province industrial robot forum", by China robot Specialized Committee, Guangdong Province Association of Automation Automation Institute of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province Institute of mechanical engineering and CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, a total Ti group jointly organized. Participants will be able to understand the current technological development of industrial robots in China, especially in Guangdong.


   Another key activity is held in March 9, 2010 of the European new sensor technology, application and development of the seminar, a number of well-known domestic and foreign experts, scholars and industry successful people will host 10 lectures, not to be missed.


   Chinese Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition by China Guangzhou foreign trade exhibition company, Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Fuyang Exhibition Co. Ltd. and Germany and the United States Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly hosted the tournament. China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and Germany Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. are the sponsors of the exhibition.