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2010 will usher in the golden age of the machinery industry

Time:2010-01-29 12:50

   In 2009 all the machinery industry sub industry profits to achieve positive growth, construction machinery maximum flexibility to become profitable pioneer, 1-11 month profit growth rate of 62%, better than expected; railway equipment industry chain also grew steadily, is expected in 2010 will usher in the golden period of mechanical industry, mechanical industry is in increasing demand, raw material prices rose a better period not, corporate profitability will rebound quickly. Data support our early judgment, continue to focus on the recommended construction machinery and railway equipment industry.


   1-11 months, machinery industry performance improved, all sectors of the industry to achieve positive growth in profits, including the first eight months is still negative growth of metal processing machinery and ships and floating devices. Machinery industry cumulative profit growth accelerated, in which the cumulative profits of general-purpose equipment grew by 16.3%, special equipment cumulative profit increased by 23.9%, 9 percentage points and 12 percentage points higher than 1-8 months.


   Machinery industry three sub sectors, construction machinery and railway equipment industry profits picked up fastest. 1-11 construction machinery accumulated profit surged 61.8%, an increase of nearly 40 percentage points more than 1-8 months, 9-11 months of income growth of 10%, profit chain increased 36%, the highest sub industry, fully shows the profit elasticity construction machinery industry. Railway equipment industry rebounded steadily, 9-11 month revenue and profits increased by 17% and 14%, and 1-11 months revenue and profit growth reached 33%.


   Vertical and horizontal comparison shows that the construction machinery industry management efficiency improved significantly. The construction machinery industry is the machinery industry the highest profit margins, strong profitability of the industry; longitudinal comparison of historical data, now construction machinery gross margin at the historical average, while the sales profit rate has returned to a historic high level, this is mainly due to full market competition, the construction machinery industry innovation ability, management level and efficiency gradually increase.


   Railway equipment industry revenue and earnings growth steadily, management efficiency continues to improve. 1-11 railway equipment industry revenue and profit growth rate has reached about 33%, due to rising raw material prices, gross margin decreased significantly, decreased by about 4.7 percentage points, as to improve the product structure, improve the level of expected future earnings may exceed expectations.


   Proper attention to the sub sectors of the economic recovery. In addition to the expected construction machinery and growth of the railway equipment, the hardest hit by the financial crisis in the metal processing machinery and shipbuilding industry performance has also been improved initially, profits year-on-year growth from negative to positive. Compared with other sub sectors, the crane industry is mediocre and is the only three sub industry with a declining profit margin.