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On the road to the world, Instar is in Teheran

Time:2017-10-06 17:25

       As a leading international technology of industrial automation China veteran enterprises, Instar adhere to the international strategic route of independent R & D production and independent brand, our products has successfully covered the global industrial control field.



       ran is an important economic and trade partner of China in the Middle East, It is also an overseas key area for our friendship and cooperation throughout the year. Iran is one of the major economies in Asia, strong economic strength, economy dominated by oil and mining industry, the world oil and gas power, the rich world petroleum and natural gas in the Middle East, oil exports is the lifeblood of the economy, oil production capacity and oil exports in the world were fourth and second, is a member of the oil OPEC. The petroleum chemical industry, iron and steel, Iran automobile industry developed, and electronic industry, nuclear industry, computer hardware and software industry, Instar invited for the first time to attend the event, which is of great significance for the expansion of the Middle East European market and brand influence.


       We brought servo drives, servo motors, closed loop stepper drives, stepper motors, brake stepper motors, gearbox stepper motors and a variety of high-end industrial products, wonderful debut in Iran Tehran International Industry Exhibition (TIIE), to provide solutions for customers.