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On the road to the world, Instar is in Hannover

Time:2017-04-25 13:08

       In everyone’s heart of the global industry, there is a sanctuary


       It's Hannover, Germany


       If there were any new trends or trends in industry and technology, then the first to be seen was also in Hannover



       As a barometer of global industrial trade and a bellwether of global industrial technology development


       Hannover industrial fair, HANNOVER, MESSE


       April 24th grand opening


       As a frequent guest of the big show


       For the first time this year to honor Instar and industrial people around the world share this field of industrial civilization Carnival



       This exhibition we will show servo driver, servo motor, closed loop closed loop stepper drives, stepper motor, stepper motor, brake gear box stepper motor, provides a perfect solution for customers.