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Warmly celebrate Instar provide TAG Heuer products’ showcase solutions

Time:2016-06-02 22:37

       TAG Heuer’s since its inception in 1860, has been hailed as the Swiss avant-garde watchmaking precision model, belonging to the world's largest luxury goods group LVMH group (LVMH), is the world's top five luxury watch brand watches.


       TAG Heuer’s exceptional connected watches deserve an exceptional display. That is why TAG Heuer’s came to INSTAR with a request to create a series of displays that create instant brand recognition and excitement. Taking TAG Heuer’s essence of originality and quality into consideration, INSTAR delivered several window showcases that lived up to TAG Heuer’s superb standards. Each display showed off the craftsmanship of the TAG Heuer’s watches while catching the attention of shoppers through stunning visuals, resulting in thousands of impressions and increased sales.





Shenzhen Instar Electromechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Jun 2, 2016