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Instar digital stepper motor driver formally put into production

Time:2013-05-10 00:00

       In recent years, automation technology upgrade, analog stepper drive has to meet most of the needs of customers, widely used in automation equipment in various industries, but in the long-term application of people also found that some analog stepper driver is difficult to solve the problem, such as:

1, stepper motors work at 1 - 2 revolutions per second, will produce resonance, amplified by mechanical structure, will produce obvious vibration and noise;
2, in high-speed performance, analog stepper driver, the most stepper motor drive reached 7 - 800rpm speed, making many occasions have to give up the stepper motor, select the use of servo motors;
3, in the anti-interference ability, the analog driver is not ideal, if the stepper drive near the inverter or other high current, stepper motor will often lost step.


       In order to solve the above problem, Instar digital stepper driver is formally put into production, with a 32 bit DSP processor core latest, stepper motor has lower noise and higher fever, running smoothly, completely solve the stepper motor speed resonance problem, the running speed of the step motor the biggest increase one times, but also has stronger anti-interference ability.


       Instar digital stepper driver with stepper motor parameters and control parameters auto tuning function on the drive power transient detection stepper motor resistance and inductance parameters to generate the optimal operation parameters automatically, to maximize the performance of stepping motor. Instar all members adhere to the first-class quality to gain market trust, quality service to win customer satisfaction, to adhere to the improvement for the development of enterprises, to establish a corporate brand management excellence.


Shenzhen Instar Electromechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

May 10, 2013