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Warmly celebrate the success of Kingdee WISE CRM on line

Time:2013-01-04 15:22

       In Jan 1, 2013, Instar according to plan successful on-line Kingdee WISE CRM, the system is based on Instar sales requirements in WISE CRM system on the original custom development, mainly to meet the sales department, sales department, customer service department, and fine tube to customers. The sales department to achieve customer development, visit, visit records, sales and customer service department, follow up the process of customer product files, service contract, product maintenance, and sales department can analyze various data report according to these data, quality assessment and other sales staff, the data provide strong support for the company to develop the next project. The whole system strives to be simple, easy to operate, and serves the front-line staff and management of various departments.

       Especially in the data analysis, not only a large number of reports, the format can also be flexible and diverse.





Shenzhen Instar Electromechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Jan 4, 2013