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Instar Electromechanical put digital AC servo driver into re

Time:2011-11-17 10:39

       In recent years, the automation industry continues to improve technology, domestic and foreign enterprises have also introduced new products, upgrading, existing products and new technologies to meet market demand for high-quality, advanced products. Technology development trend of Instar has long been of concern to the mechanical and electrical products, and will continue to use the latest technology to the related products, in order to better meet the actual needs of customers, while maintaining the continuity and leading technology, in order to win industry recognition.


       In the domestic digital control system, the application of stepping motor is very extensive. With the advent of full digital AC servo system, AC servo motor is also more and more used in digital control system. Servo system has higher dynamic response and higher positioning accuracy. In the processing center, automatic lathes, electric injection molding machine, mechanical hand, printing machine, packaging machine, spring machine, three coordinate measuring instrument, EDM machine and so on, the equipment has broad application.


       In order to adapt to the trend of the development of digital control, in order to meet the market demand for the servo motor and driver, Instar electromechanical digital AC servo driver put into research and development. Instar all members adhere to the first-class quality to gain market trust, quality service to win customer satisfaction, continuous improvement in order to seek the development of enterprises, to establish a corporate brand management excellence.


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Nov 9, 2011