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       Instar believes that innovation is the soul of enterprise development. After years of development, we always adhere to the continuous innovation in the business model, the development of science and technology, financial capital, market channels and other areas, so that we keep jumping onto new stages of development.



    ● Instar digital stepper driver had been put into production, digital stepper driver uses a more powerful DSP processor (Digital Signal Processor) to effectively reduce the heat and noise with higher stability, it completely solved the problem of low speed resonance, doubled the maximum operating speed and also has stronger anti-interference ability.



    ● Instar invested millions to develop AC servo driver, to meet the actual needs of the development trend of the industry and customers, we focus on " Praxis and innovation, improve professional skills and market competitiveness”, strive to achieve company's periodical objectives.



    ● Instar moved to a new site since our annual performance rise at a rate of 100%,the new plant is a modern standard factory collected office, production and management, construction area is about one thousand and six hundred square meters.



    ● Instar Electromechanical (HongKong) Group Co., Ltd. was formally established, our company adhere to the first-class quality to gain market’s trust, quality service to win customer’s satisfaction, continuous improvement in order to seek the development of enterprises, to build a outstanding brand with excellent management. The company was gradually establishing a global marketing network to meet the needs of more customers.



    ● Kingdee K/3 WISE ERP was put into use to help our company to establish a perfect management system which combines human resource, finance, material, production, supply and sales.



    ● Shenzhen Instar Electromechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated, committed to providing the most suitable products and solutions for China's industrial automation.